Welcome to Southwest Detroit Community School’s (SWDCS) Parent Advisory Group. We are excited to meet you! And we are excited to share a little bit about ourselves with you as well. Meet this year’s parent advisory group members below. And be sure to keep an eye out for us around the school and classroom and say “hello!”


Parent Advisory Group Meeting Schedule

March 8 8:30-10 a.m.


Meeting Notes

SWDCS Parent Meeting Notes 2.8.2019 – SWDCS Parent Meeting Officer Ballot_2019


SWDCS Parent’s Blog

SWDCS Parents Blog

Parent Advisory Leadership

Rachel Sanowski

A 15-year resident of Detroit and part-time Licensed Counselor at Covenant Community Care Clinic, I have been involved with SWDCS since its founding three years ago. Many beautiful and positive things can be a challenge to keep together. As a member of the parent advisory group, I want to stand with the teachers, parents, students, and community members who want to keep fighting to make this school a creative and caring educational space. I have three children, Gabriel (6th grade) and Jaben (4th grade), currently enrolled in SWDCS, and 11-month old Eliana.

Deniqua Robinson
Vice President

I enjoy being a leader and mentor assisting our parents and scholars as part of my role in the parent advisory group for SWDCS. It is my passion to support success for these individuals in future endeavors through educational justice. I enjoy the award-winning performances our student’s display each year and look forward to the continued successes throughout this school year. My 7th grade daughter, Deniqua Robinson, is currently enrolled in SWDCS.

Erik Howard
Secretary (English)

Parental involvement is a key characteristic of successful schools. I’m fortunate that my child attends a school with some many involved and committed parents inside and outside of the school. While we are all busy while our children are away in the classroom, it is imperative that parents be involved as mentors, teachers, volunteers, friends, and contributors. I am from southwest Detroit and have worked with youth in the community for 18 years. My 2nd grade daughter has attended school at SWDCS since Kindergarten. I am honored to serve the school as a volunteer member of the parent advisory group.

Teresa Hernandez
Secretary (Spanish)

As a mother who has two children at SWDCS, Sherlyn (7th grade) and Heriberto (4th grade), it is my responsibility to be a part of this community and participate at the activities the school has to offer. My children love this school, and they are growing with education and friendship that this school teaches and shares with them each day.