Ms.Tripp has coordinated the Girl scouts since spring of 2013 at Southwest Detroit Community School. She has done a great job leading this group of girls. She is looking for volunteers to continue doing this work since this will be her last year working as a troop leader since her daughter will be graduating in June.
Her wish is to continue this group and see it increase its membership. Through years of experience as the troop leader Ms.Tripp shares her lessons learned. According to Ms. Tripp Girl Scout allows the girls to be supported in following areas:

  • Building friendships
  • Providing support to them
  • Gaining leadership skills
  • Stronger sense of belonging to a team and/or group
  • Providing a sense of responsibility as they earn levels and badges
  • Learning different values: Respect; Responsibility; Team Players; Integrity; Assertiveness
  • Build on the importance of education

“All girls know that an education is the most important thing, and if they need help, we are all there for each other”, says Ms. Tripp. She has made it her commitment to support the girls in every way she can when it comes to school.  The Girl Scout sponsored events are free to attend but some events may require a small nominal fee per girl. Other events included are STEM, religion, history, community service, and again have fun.
“Girl scout gives a voice to girls”, according to Ms. Tripp. If you are interested in becoming the next Girl Scout leader and continuing the work Ms. Tripp has started please join us during the next parent meeting where she will be talking about this opportunity for a few minutes. In order to continue providing a positive female role model we need YOU to take a stand!

Thank you

Christina Mireles

Community Associate|SWDCS