PE Letter

April 11, 2018

Dear Families,

I am writing to inform you about some upcoming staff and program changes that will affect the specials classes we offer.  Mr. Harvey will be having surgery on his back next week. He expects the surgery to go well, but it requires several weeks of recovery.  During his absence, Mr. Easley will be taking over PE instruction. Mr. Harvey has been working closely with Mr. Easley to prepare him and I anticipate it will be a smooth transition.  

For students who had been working on technology with Mr. Easely, they will begin working with Ms. Williamson on a Socio-Emotional Learning course called ‘Second Step’ (  This program helps students develop listening and problem solving skills, identify emotions, and prevent bullying.

I am pleased to utilize Ms. Williamson’s SW knowledge and experience working with behavioral situations while allowing Mr. Easley to deliver high-quality PE instruction while Mr. Harvey is absent.  It is fortunate that we are able to rely on staff members who are familiar to all the children in our building. We are also extremely fortunate to have such highly-qualified and dedicated staff members who are flexible and responsive to the needs of our school and the best interests of our students.

Feel free to reach out to Mr. Harvey with well-wishes for his surgery and recovery. We look forward to him returning in several weeks!  If you have any further questions about this change, please contact me directly.


Frank Donner