As this section implies, the documents listed here are important and common materials that parents, families, and students will need to refer to throughout the school year. These documents provide information about events happening throughout the school year, the monthly lunch plans, as well as rules, policies, and procedures relating to your student’s education at SWDCS.

Breakfast & Lunch Menu Calendars

Detroit Public Schools Menus

May Menus SWDCS

Official School Calendar

2017-2018 Official School Calendar

2018-2019 Official School Calendar

Printable PDF Events Calendar

June 2018 Calendar

2017-2018 Student Handbook



2017-2018 Uniform Policy

SWDCS 2017-2018 Uniform Policy

2017-2018 School Supplies Lists

SWDCS School Supply Lists 2017-2018

2017-2018 Drill Schedule

SWDCS 2017-2018 Drill Schedule

2017-2018 Bullying, Harassment and Intimidation Policy


April 2018

February 2018
December 2017
November 2017