Welcome to Southwest Detroit Community School! We are excited to have you as a part of our school community. At Southwest Detroit Community School, we challenge our students to explore new experiences and to gain new knowledge. This exploration is encouraged through a rigorous, arts-infused curriculum which teaches students to reach for success while creating a passion for learning.

The environment we create at SWDCS is engaging, friendly, collaborative, and allows students to reach their full potential. Lifelong success is the focus for our students throughout their time in our community.

As we jump into the 2016-2017 school year, we are excited for what is to come among our students, families, faculty and staff, and the Southwest Detroit community.

Our Mission

We prepare our students for college through a rigorous arts-infused program.

Our Belief

We are a joyful, inclusive family of learners who embrace education as a lifelong journey. As self-determined and productive people, we nurture our whole selves physically, mentally, emotionally, and artistically. We work in solidarity and love with our greater Southwest Detroit community. By critically and creatively participating in our world, we affect positive change and empower ourselves and each other to become the people we want to be. We are limitless!

We embrace each other, we educate each other, and we empower each other in order to create a more just world.


We opened our doors in Fall 2013 as a K-4 charter school shining a beacon of light in the community known as Southwest Detroit Lighthouse Academy. The school has grown since that time to our present school which includes service to grades K-8, a new name which is an avid reflection of our commitment to the community, Southwest Detroit Community School, and a new logo. Throughout our growth and transformation, we remain focused on our mission and our commitment to our students and their families.

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