PowerSchool Parent Access

Through PowerSchool Parent Access you have real-time access to your child’s grades and attendance. This service has been upgraded to now allow parents to create their own account and link multiple students to that one account. It is quick and easy to create your account following the steps below:

1 . Visit the PowerSchool Parent Access Website: http://www.swdcs.org/
2 . Click on the tab to create a new account. Enter in the required parent information to create your account:
*First Name
*Last Name
*Email Address
*Create a Username (it is case sensitive)
*Create a Password (it is case sensitive)
*Confirm your Password
3 . Enter in the information to link your student(s) to your account
*Student Name: Jane (first name only)
*Access ID: Doe.Jane
*Access Password: studentsuccess
4 . Repeat Step 3 for any additional students
5 . Click Enter at the bottom of the screen